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Re: [datacenter] horizontal and vertical wire management

At 09:05 AM 4/23/2002 -0500, Day, David wrote:

Our cable distribution is not dense in numbers (5 48 port patch panels and fibre distribution) but is all in one rack. There is the opportunity to add additional rack space and I'd like to upgrade from our cheap plastic management to something nicer such as slotted and hinged management. Is there a consensus or preference on this list with regards to manufacturer or design? I am most familiar with Panduit and have been browsing their products.

What do you mean slotted and hinged?

You could get 2" 4" 8" 10" cable management that goes on either, each side
of the rack. 4" sounds like a lot in the grand scheme of things, but it's not. Panduit,
chatsworth, and metal tech, and almost every other rack manufacture offers
these. The plastic works, I guess, but I have never used it. I don't really like the
way it looks.

I guess a good question to ask is what  is the max square footage of your
data center if completely built out?

Have customers who installed the hinged design found it beneficial?

Thanks in advance



Martin Hannigan                    [email protected]

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