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RE: [datacenter] horizontal and vertical wire management

I'd like to mention how grateful I am to the folks on this list.  The
information is most helpful.  I've worked in computer rooms for years and
never given these matters much thought.


>What do you mean slotted and hinged?
This is a Panduit vertical part with a hinged cover.  Slotted as opposed to
the open and widely spaced D hooks.

I like the slotted management rather than open.  I expect the hinged covers
simply flip open to the front on horizontal and to the side on vertical.
I've never actually seen it installed.  

We were crunched when the racks were installed for the Cisco switch and
patch panels.  There is less than 5" between the racks so no room for
vertical management at all.  I'm going to space the new racks further apart
and add vertical.

I'm sorry I purchased the plastic management.  I was cheap and functional
but has always looked bad and the plastic "fingers" easily deform.

>I guess a good question to ask is what  is the max square footage of your
>data center if completely built out?
2000 square feet.  Immediately, I anticipate running about 250 systems which
is not a lot but I anticipate rapid growth and a great deal of change for
the rest of the year.


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