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[safnog] Network Automation

On 4 May 2016, at 17:57 EAT, Watson Kamanga wrote:

> Any one with a running setup that they have used , which they will 
> like to share or showcase to others .
> Problem as all of us know , they is commercial software which can do 
> all this but how many can afford them . Most IT or IP budgets  ARE a 
> balancing act every day of must have or nice to have .
> So will be great to demo or have a write up on how to .
> I am looking at OpenStack at the moment NOAH .

Unless you mean another project [this 
OpenStack](https://www.openstack.org) is a way to host your own cloud 
infrastructure. Different animal. Imagine you wanted to have your own 
Amazon Web Services kinda thing. For that I?m more inclined to look at 
[Ganeti based](http://www.ganeti.org/) solutions.

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