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[safnog] Network Automation

On 3 May 2016, at 20:44, Noah wrote:

> Hi folks,
> What opensource tools are folks outhere using for network operation
> automation and to be be specific, bulk configurations, automated 
> software
> upgrades of say a good number of network gears etc...

i use puppet to semi-automate management and maintenance of a good few 
(70+) linux hosts.  if i knew more about puppet, that could probably 
read ?fully-automate?, but that?s my failing, not the system ..

you didn?t say what you wanted to do - if you?re looking for generic 
support for network equipment (read:  routers+switches) you?re likely 
to find ansible a better fit, since there?s no ?client? involved 
here;  just ssh.

of course, if you?re not already using rancid/oxidised, you?re 
missing step #1.