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Abuse Desks

Maybe there is a market opportunity there? Develop reporting standard 
(or use one that was posted here), then develop reporting, processing 
and analytic tools, and then provide it as a service? Looks like a nice 
use case how to utilise clouds ;)

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Mike Hammett пиÑ?ал 2020-04-30 08:10:
> I did not want to target anyone in particular, so I have responded to
> my original e-mail. I have seen comments about the big guys just
> ignoring everything. I have had a non-zero number of e-mails from each
> of Azure, GCP, AWS, and Hetzner claiming that they have acted on my
> report. It isn't a significant percentage, but they're doing something
> about some of the reports.
> I don't think I've seen anything back from the biggest offender,
> Digital Ocean, other than auto-responders acknowledging the report.
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