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Abuse Desks

I noticed over the weekend that a Fail2Ban instance's complain function wasn't working. I fixed it. I've noticed a few things: 

1) Abusix likes to return RIR abuse contact information. The vast majority are LACNIC, but it also has kicked back a couple for APNIC and ARIN. When I look up the compromised IP address in Abusix via the CLI, the APNIC and ARIN ones return both ISP contact information and RIR information. When I look them up on the RIR's whois, it just shows the ISP abuse information. Weird, but so rare it's probably just an anomaly. However, almost everything I see in LACNIC's region is returned with only the LACNIC abuse information when the ones I've checked on LACNIC's whois list valid abuse information for that prefix. Can anyone confirm they've seen similar behavior out of Abusix? I reached out to them, but haven't heard back. 
2) Digital Ocean hits my radar far more than any other entity. 
3) Azure shows up a lot less than GCP or AWS, which are about similar to each other. 
4) Around 5% respond saying it's been addressed (or why it's not in the event of security researchers) within a couple hours. The rest I don't know. I've had a mix of small and large entities in that response. 
5) HostGator seems to have an autoresponder (due to a 1 minute response) that just indicates that you sent nothing actionable, despite the report including the relevant log file entries. 
6) Charter seems to have someone actually looking at it as it took them 16 - 17 hours to respond, but they say they don't have enough information to act on, requesting relevant log file entries... which were provided in the initial report and are even included in their response. They request relevant log file entries with the date, time, timezone, etc. all in the body in plain text, which was delivered. 
7) The LACNIC region has about 1/3 of my reports. 

Do these mirror others' observations with security issues and how abuse desks respond? 

Mike Hammett 
Intelligent Computing Solutions 

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