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CGNAT Solutions

Thank you everyone for the suggestions.

To clarify small ISP.

12K subscribers
35 Gigs traffic at peak.

Growing about 500 megs per month traffic.


On Tue, Apr 28, 2020 at 3:12 PM John Alcock <john at alcock.org> wrote:

> Afternoon,
> I run a small ISP in Tennessee.  COVID has forced a lot of people to work
> from home.  I am starting to run low on IP's and need to consider CGNAT.
> I do have IPV6 space, but we all know that until we force everyone to move
> to IPV6, we need to keep IPV4 up and running.
> I could buy more space, but I am really wondering if that is the
> best option.  It is expensive. I know CGNAT devices are expensive as well,
> but it looks like I could stretch it out a bit.
> My thinking is to convert about 50% of my subscribers to CGNAT.
> I am interested in vendors or devices you have used in the past.  I
> already know about the pitfalls many of my subscribers will have with CGNAT
> such as VPN's, Gamers, etc.
> What are your thoughts on CGNAT vendors?
> A10Networks
> F5Networks
> Others?
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