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CGNAT Solutions

I haven't used them, but 6-WIND is pretty proud of their CGNAT performance. 

Mike Hammett 
Intelligent Computing Solutions 


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I run a small ISP in Tennessee. COVID has forced a lot of people to work from home. I am starting to run low on IP's and need to consider CGNAT. 

I do have IPV6 space, but we all know that until we force everyone to move to IPV6, we need to keep IPV4 up and running. 

I could buy more space, but I am really wondering if that is the best option. It is expensive. I know CGNAT devices are expensive as well, but it looks like I could stretch it out a bit. 

My thinking is to convert about 50% of my subscribers to CGNAT. 

I am interested in vendors or devices you have used in the past. I already know about the pitfalls many of my subscribers will have with CGNAT such as VPN's, Gamers, etc. 

What are your thoughts on CGNAT vendors? 

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