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IS-IS IPAM platform

Our atm network in san diego was the full base 16 hex for the 13 byte nsap prefix of all the atm switches in our 4-level PNNI cloud

This may be slightly off topic of ISIS practices though

But, yeah, we didn't encode any switch mgmt. ip into the nsap addressing as I recall... just the pnni peer groups had hex identities


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I've always wondered about folks' opinions about one thing, though:

In y'all's opinion, do you prefer/recommend using base-10 digits or hex 
in your NSAP addresses? I like the former for readability, but the 
latter can (could) be better for automation. Maybe.

I got into a heated argument about this once with ATM back in the day, 
but my brain's to frazzled to remember the takeaways.

On 4/13/20 7:37 PM, Randy Bush wrote:
>> Just encode the router loopback IPv4 address in the system identifier bytes
>> and call it a day.
> i think asp wrote this up back in the early '90s.  anyone have a cite?
> randy