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Constant Abuse Reports / Borderline Spamming from RiskIQ


 From the past few months we have been receiving a constant stream of abuse reports from a company that calls themselves RiskIQ (RiskIQ.com).

The problem isnâ??t the abuse reports themselves but the way they send them. We receive copies of the report, on our sales, billing, TECH-POCs and almost everything other email address of ours that is available publicly. It doesnâ??t end there, they even online on our website and start using our support live chat and as recently as tomorrow they I see that they have now started using Twitter (@riskiq_irt) to do the same.   

We understand these reports and deal with them as per our policies and timelines but this constant spamming by them from various channels is not appreciated.

Does anyone have a similar experience with them?   


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