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FCC and FTC Demand Cut-Off Robercallers of Coronavirus Scams

I was thinking the EXACT same thing!!

Greg Grimes
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Finally, but why did it take a pandemic to get them to do this?

At 07:14 PM 03/04/2020, Sean Donelan wrote:

>A sternly worded, finger-wagging press release.
>The FCC¢s Enforcement Bureau and FTC¢s Bureau of
>Consumer Protection wrote to three gateway
>providers that are facilitating these scam
>COVID-19-related robocalls: SIPJoin of Suffolk,
>Virginia; Connexum of Orange, California; and
>VoIP Terminator/BLMarketing of Lake Mary,
>Florida. The companies have been identified by
>the Traceback Group, a consortium of phone
>companies that help officials track down suspect
>calls, managed by the trade association
>USTelecom. The Commissions also wrote to
>USTelecom to ask its members to begin blocking
>calls from these providers if the flood of
>robocalls is  not cut off within 48 hours.


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