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FCC and FTC Demand Cut-Off Robercallers of Coronavirus Scams

A sternly worded, finger-wagging press release.


The FCCâ??s Enforcement Bureau and FTCâ??s Bureau of Consumer Protection wrote 
to three gateway providers that are facilitating these scam 
COVID-19-related robocalls: SIPJoin of Suffolk, Virginia; Connexum of 
Orange, California; and VoIP Terminator/BLMarketing of Lake Mary, Florida. 
The companies have been identified by the Traceback Group, a consortium 
of phone companies that help officials track down suspect calls, managed 
by the trade association USTelecom. The Commissions also wrote to 
USTelecom to ask its members to begin blocking calls from these providers 
if the flood of robocalls is  not cut off within 48 hours.