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Akamai IP Geo Location incorrect for IP blocks below


I am looking for some help with Akamai, I have been in contact with their support rep on the phone and they confirmed our 2 blocks below are showing incorrectly. I was asked to email their support and they would get it changed. I emailed support and was told they couldnâ??t help unless we had an account.

So I am looking for a contact or some help on this. Our ips show up correctly in all other geo ip databases.

The 2 blocks geo location show as Burnaby, B.C. and they should be showing are Red Deer, A.B. Canada.

IP Blocks

We are the Arin registered owner of the above blocks.

I would appreciate it someone would reply to this message and let me know the status when updates have been done.

Chris Wescott
Edgar HighSpeed Inc
403-713-1016 (Opt 1)
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