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Cogent & FDCServers: Knowingly aiding and abetting fraud and theft?

In message <D12EFE8F-466E-4751-BF67-967C8696B4E4 at beckman.org>, 
Mel Beckman <mel at beckman.org> wrote:

>Iâ??m just saying that I randomly checked one fact and it doesnâ??t meet
>the level of positive certainty that you asserted. Itâ??s thus reasonable
>to ask you to double check your research all around. Iâ??m not willing
>to be your unpaid copy editor, so let me know when youâ??ve done a double
>check and Iâ??ll be willing to invest time in your story again. 

Well, let's dissect that a bit.  You're asserting an inadequate "level of
positive certainty" but you have not specified about what, in particular.

I posted a link to a list of 71 different RADB entries that were present
in the Merit/RADB data base as of August 17th, all of which gave every
appearance of having been created by Mr. Elad Cohen.  I will assume for
the moment that you are not calling into question the "positive certainty"
that I have about any of that data or about any of those RADB entries.

Out of those 71 routes, most of which appear to be rather clearly fradulent,
you have picked out exactly and only -one- of those 71, and your only
criticism seems to be that I haven't been quite precise enough in my
identification of the exact victim, somewhere in Australia, in that one
particular case.

I just want to make sure that I understand.  You're -not- claiming that
either Mr. Cohen or FDCServers, or Cogent had any legitimate rights or
titles to that specific block (, correct?  You are only
claiming that I have mis-identified the victim of this particular squat as
being `X' when I should more properly have said that the actual victim
was in fact `Y'.  Am I summarizing your criticism accurately?


P.S.  Not that it matters to the point Mel raised, but I would like
to just note in passing that the block, may perhaps *not*
in fact be routed by AS174 (Cogent) anymore, although it did appear to
still be routed by AS17, at least to bgp.he.net, as of 05 Sep 2019 20:34


More current data from RIPEStat indicates that this entire /16 is now
being routed by Mr. Cohen's new good friends at AS204655, Novogara Ltd.,
which appears to be owned and operated by the same two sterling Dutch
gentlemen, Mr. Ferdinand Reinier Van Eeden and Mr. Bartholomeus Johannes
("Bap") Karreman, who also appear to be the owners/operators of what
is noadays called "IP Volume Inc." and which previously was known as
Quasi Networks, and which was, before that, known as Ecatel.

Novogara appears to have become home to quite a number of sizable IPv4
legacy blocks, from both the AFRINIC region and also the APNIC region,
in very recent days:


The fact that there seems to be a rather significant correlation between
the IPv4 legacy blocks currently being announced by Mr. Van Eeden's and
Mr. Karreman's several Dutch ASNs and the list of pilfered IPv4 legacy
blocks that Mr. Cohen was kind enough to supply in the RADB data base
should, in my opinion, come as a surprise to exactly no one.