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rr.level3.net on autopilot?

AS1, baby!!

On 9/6/19 1:45 AM, Bryan Fields wrote:
> On 9/5/19 2:05 PM, Jon Lewis wrote:
>> I was doing some IRR clean-up and after a few successful updates, I'm no
>> longer able to alter or delete our objects in rr.level3.com.
>> Emails to rpsl at level3.com result in no action and no response.  I've tried
>> reaching out to the Level3 (Centurylink) NOC via email and phone, and
>> can't seem to find anyone who knows what rr.level3.com is, much less knows
>> who to talk to about troubleshooting.  Anyone know who (if anyone) keeps
>> the wheels spinning on the Level3 IRR?
> The other day I tried to clean up some old entries from the 2000's and Genuity
> entries that became part of it.  This was a failure, the NOC knew nothing
> about it, and worse didn't get my black rocket jokes. No one working there
> knew what Genuity was.
> I gave up.