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rr.level3.net on autopilot?

Shoot an email to ipadmin at centurylink.com and we'll give you a hand. If you are an active customer with valid circuit ID getting help from the NOC on this should be a solution they know how to provide, if you have reached the correct center. Folks that are not or have left behind old entries needing removed without a current relationship reach out to the ipadmin team for help.

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Subject: rr.level3.net on autopilot?

I was doing some IRR clean-up and after a few successful updates, I'm no
longer able to alter or delete our objects in rr.level3.com.

Emails to rpsl at level3.com result in no action and no response.  I've tried
reaching out to the Level3 (Centurylink) NOC via email and phone, and
can't seem to find anyone who knows what rr.level3.com is, much less knows
who to talk to about troubleshooting.  Anyone know who (if anyone) keeps
the wheels spinning on the Level3 IRR?

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