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IPAM recommendations

I agree with Phil, Netbox is a great opens source IPAM project. We currently use ManageEngine, but I plan to switch to Netbox when our current license is up for renewal. NetBox. The project is supported by Digital Ocean, which is the kind of corporate sponsorship that keeps open source project from dying out.

Itâ??s one of the few IPAM products that recognizes that IP addresses can be assigned to interfaces on a device, not necessarily the device itself. It also supports interfaces having multiple IP addresses. Netbox uses Postgres under the covers, which has IP addresses as a native data type. That means you can also build your own SQL queries to interface with other systems.

The tool is not frilly, but has all the features an IPAM should have for accurate and timely resource management. Plus the code looks clean.


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Please check the mailing list archives as a resource. I made a short list last time https://lathama.net/DCIM which looks to be June 20th 2018

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Looking for IPAM recommendations, preferably open source, API is a plus (almost must, almost..). 40-50K IPs to be managed.

thanks in advance.

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