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BGP Enabled transit in Chicago (River North) and equipment recommendation

On 9/3/2019 1:54 PM, Florian Brandstetter wrote:
> I don't see full tables happening from a memory perspective on the 
> EdgeRouter Lite, you would want to look at something with at least 2 GiB 
> of memory to keep the whole system running smoothly, and when using 
> Quagga and Zebra, that's still aimed rather low. FRRouting at this point 
> uses 2 GiB for 4 full tables on an x86 system, without any magic attached.

I'm going based on actual tests done when the ERL came out in 2012. 
While its cores are anemic by today's standards, it handled multiple 
full tables fine back then.

Since then, the ERs have stopped using Quagga/Zebra and now use ZebOS 
(which is also used in several other commercial products).  It's a bit 
faster and smaller.

In today's world, its tight, but it will still work.

> You might want to install something like OpenWRT (which I don't know the 
> possibility of on an ERL), and run BIRD if you're tied to a low memory 
> footprint, however, in a base vendor-generic setup of the ERL, it's 
> beyond my understanding why one would even suggest running a full table 
> on it.

As I pointed out, its the dirt cheap option.  Better option is the ER4 
and later which is better suited to the increased table size.

Brielle Bruns
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