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BGP Enabled transit in Chicago (River North) and equipment recommendation

On 9/3/2019 12:19 PM, Matt Harris wrote:
> But even the higher-end Ubiquiti EdgeRouter series products can handle 
> full tables if you understand and accept their limitations in doing so 
> if budget is a huge concern but you still need to take full tables.

As long as you stick with the 1.10.10 series of firmware, the EdgeRouter 
series is pretty stable.  I run an EdgeRouter Infinity (8 x 10G SFP+) at 
home with both IPv4 and IPv6 BGP feeds on a CenturyLink Fiber+ connection.

You can get the original EdgeRouter Lite for sub $100 and it will have 
no problem taking a full feed for both v4 and v6...  However, better 
choice is the EdgeRouter 4, which is a bit newer and much faster.

There's also the ER6P if you need something with more ports, or even the 
ER12/12P if you want something with a built in network switch.  Just 
avoid the budget oriented ERX and ER10X which lack the RAM.

All of the ERs are low power consumption and Linux based with a 
Vyatta/VyOS/Juniper-like CLI, so pretty easy to work with.

(I do Ubiquiti deployments, so can answer a lot of questions anyone 
might have).

Brielle Bruns
The Summit Open Source Development Group
http://www.sosdg.org    /     http://www.ahbl.org