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BGP Enabled transit in Chicago (River North) and equipment recommendation

Iâ??ve had BGP from comcast business in River North before, not sure what their minimum bandwidth is for that. Tunnels may be simplest at that bandwidth level.

> On Sep 3, 2019, at 12:52 PM, Florian Brandstetter via NANOG <nanog at nanog.org> wrote:
> Might be worth to consider running a software router on that scale with perhaps some cheap quad-port GbE PCIe NICs. BIRD would be the BGP daemon to go, or FRRouting if you want an integrated shell. Hardware routers for 100 Mbit egress seem a bit overpowered, however, as scaleable you want to go, some Ubiquiti routers might be a cheap option.
> As for transit, have you considered a redundant tunnel-based solution instead? You can run that transparently on top of your RCN connection, with negligible costs for your commit and no additional connection fees.
> On Sep. 3 2019, at 6:17 pm, ADNS NetBSD List Subscriber <nanog2 at adns.net> wrote:
> I have a need for a BGP enabled connection in the River North section of Chicago. We have a small number of IP blocks that we want to use. Currently, we have some equipment at 350 E. Cermak (Steadfast Networks) and are looking at downsizing and bringing stuff
> in-house. Our bandwidth requirements are miniscule (10MB/Sec is fine).
> I know RCN offers business cable-modem service but probably not BGP.
> Also, weâ??d like to ditch our 3640 router in favor of a smaller â??desktopâ?? size router, but none of them seem to do BGP (not surprising).  Any recommendations on hardware would be welcome as well

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