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Mx204 alternative

On 2/Sep/19 10:52, Brandon Martin wrote:

> I try to avoid them in customer-facing applications, too.  And in
> intra-network situations, I don't know why you'd be LAGging 1Gbps
> links anymore.

In the backbone, we moved away from LAG's to ECMP.

The only places we run Layer 2 LAG's is on switch<=>router trunks (in
the edge), and of course, on peering routers facing the exchange point.

> But yeah, MX204 and similar LCs on the chassis platforms have some
> bizarre port usage/speed limitations.  Juniper has a little web page
> to validate your port configurations, but it still seems easy to hit
> gotchas like this.

You need to have regular lunches with your Juniper SE to get on top of
this :-)...