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Mx204 alternative

On 8/Aug/19 05:33, Brandon Martin wrote:

> MX204 is a very nice pizza box router for service providers.  I'm not
> aware of anything quite like it in terms of having a mature control
> plane.  I like the JunOS config language better than Cisco-style that
> most other folks use.

The MX204 is pretty hard to beat. It fits well as a peering/transit
router, as well as a Metro-E router where you need a 100Gbps ring to
carry 10Gbps customers, as well as downstream cheaper routers that will
do sub-10Gbps quite nicely.

That said, at least for the Metro, I still believe a lighter version of
the MX204, with dense 1Gbps capability, is still needed. Been asking
since 2007.