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Mx204 alternative

On 8/Aug/19 14:20, Eric Kuhnke wrote:
> I am not certain on the value of having 1GbE interfaces natively on a
> $25k plus router in the year 2019. Pair the router with a nice 1RU
> 1/10GbE switch installed directly next to it with full metro Ethernet
> layer 2 feature set. 
> Anything that needs a 1GbE inteface, attach it to that switch, give
> the switch a single 10GbE port to the router, and create the 1Gbps on
> the router as a subinterface.

That's what we do for Metro-E rings that require 10Gbps to customers.
Use an MX204 to upgrade the ring to 100Gbps, hand an ASR920 on one of
the MX204 10Gbps ports, and feed 1Gbps customers from the Cisco.

10Gbps customers can enjoy the MX204.