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Not sure about 320+ ports. But I've used the Huawei MA5616 with decent
success. They've got 32 port ADSL2+ (And VDSL) line cards that give you 128
ports per chassis. POTS passthrough per card.

Don't expect any support. Pretty sure they're not intended for the US

On Tue, Dec 31, 2019 at 10:26 AM Nick Edwards <nick.z.edwards at gmail.com>

> Howdy y'all
> Chasing some info, does dlink still sell DAS4672 - 672 port adsl2+ dslams?
> after simple IP based  units with pppoe pass through.
> We could buy a bunch of planet 48 ports, which we used before, but we
> hoping someone still puts out high capacity (320 plus port) units with
> inbuilt pots splitters
> thanks
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