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Wikipedia drops support for old Android smartphones; mandates TLSv1.2 to read

>> On Dec 31, 2019, at 00:30, Matt Hoppes <mattlists at rivervalleyinternet.net> wrote:
>> Why do I need Wikipedia SSLed? I know the argument. But if it doesnâ??t work why not either let it fall back to 1.0 or to HTTP.
>> This seems like security for no valid reason.
> On Dec 31, 2019, at 04:04, John Adams <jna at retina.net> wrote:
> because no one should know what you read about or check out at wikipedia

On Tue, 31 Dec 2019, Mike Hammett wrote:

> If you care that bad, you work towards meeting the requirement. If you don't care, then you don't.

  What happens when you care but your current environment, one in which a
  new-ish phone, tablet, laptop or desktop is not readily available or at a
  price point that you cannot afford without starving yourself and your

  If there are technically and free-speech reasons to force TLSv1.2, provide
  an HTTP version that restricts edits or whatever technical reasons
  Wikimedia Corp is changing for.

  This may only affect 1% of Wikipedia users, but 1% in a world of 4.48
  billion Internet-using humans, where the US population is 4.27% of the
  world population, 1% is a HUGE number. 1% is about the size of Uganda or

  You and I, sitting comfortably in North America, sipping our Starbucks
  Latte while casually surfing on our iPads and Lenovos, may have zero
  problem accessing everything using TLSv1.2. But my iPhone from 2007 won't,
  despite it still being functional.

  Let us stand for freedom, free speech, openness and sharing in a world
  that seems to forget how we got here in the first place.

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