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Paging anyone from ntpd.org

On 12/31/2019 7:21 AM, Seth Mattinen wrote:
> On 12/31/19 1:32 AM, Harlan Stenn wrote:
>> On 12/30/2019 8:32 PM, Seth Mattinen wrote:
>>> On 12/30/19 8:22 PM, Seth Mattinen wrote:
>>>> Is anyone from ntpd.org on here? You're pointing DNS at me for some
>>>> reason. That zone (ntpd.org) isn't in our system. Your NS looks odd
>>>> too, *.darkness-reigns.net and .nl? Is that legit? I don't know what
>>>> it was before because I've never looked, but that seems off.
>>> nevermind, I'm tired and confused ntpd.org with ntp.org. Just going to
>>> wildcard *.ntpd.org to and go back to sleep.
>> I did think about replying, saying "Just to be clear, this isn't about
>> ntp.org."
> What I did learn though there are a lot of people configuring their NTP
> with servers that are identical to the legitimate *.ntp.org names,
> except they're mistyping ntpd instead of ntp. Enough to generate >2Gbps
> worth of query traffic (pointed at a DNS server with a 1gbps interface).
> I have to admit I'm kind of curious how many unique clients that would
> be if I answered back with a working IP address instead of localhost.

If the folks who registered ntpd.org are OK with it, we'd be happy to
take that domain over and do right by it.

Harlan Stenn, Network Time Foundation
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