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I'd recommend avoiding the C7 - ADSL2+ 
performance on them isn't the best.   Look for 
something with a Broadcom chipset.  Even an old 
Calix B6 would be better than C7 - although the 
B6 gear is getting old, and reliability is 
sketchy.  The power converter modules on board seem to go.

At 01:51 PM 31/12/2019, Shawn L via NANOG wrote:

>That's a tough one.  48 port dslams with 
>internal splitters are easy.  When you're 
>looking for more density you're almost always 
>looking at external splitter shelves.  Could 
>also look at the calix c7 platform -- tons 
>around on the used market -- but then again, no splitters.
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>Found this one:
>Stating EOL 2015-04-14 for HW revision A1.
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>Howdy y'all
>Chasing some info, does dlink still sell DAS4672 - 672 port adsl2+ dslams?
>after simple IP based  units with pppoe pass through.
>We could buy a bunch of planet 48 ports, which we used before, but we
>hoping someone still puts out high capacity (320 plus port) units with
>inbuilt pots splitters


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