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That's a tough one.  48 port dslams with internal splitters are easy.  When you're looking for more density you're almost always looking at external splitter shelves.  Could also look at the calix c7 platform -- tons around on the used market -- but then again, no splitters.

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Found this one:

[ ftp://ftp2.dlink.com/SUPPORT/End_of_Life_Product_List_091519.pdf ]( ftp://ftp2.dlink.com/SUPPORT/End_of_Life_Product_List_091519.pdf )
Stating EOL 2015-04-14 for HW revision A1.

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 Chasing some info, does dlink still sell DAS4672 - 672 port adsl2+ dslams?

 after simple IP based  units with pppoe pass through.
 We could buy a bunch of planet 48 ports, which we used before, but we
 hoping someone still puts out high capacity (320 plus port) units with
 inbuilt pots splitters

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