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Wikipedia drops support for old Android smartphones; mandates TLSv1.2 to read

On 12/31/19 07:10, Seth Mattinen wrote:
> On 12/31/19 12:50 AM, Ryan Hamel wrote:
>> Just let the old platforms ride off into the sunset as originally
>> planned like the SSL implementations in older JRE installs, XP, etc.
>> You shouldn't be holding onto the past.
> Because poor people anywhere on earth that might not have access to the
> newer technology don't deserve access to Wikipedia, right? Gotta make
> sure information is only accessible to those with means to keep "lesser"
> people out.

Argumentation on the basis of a tu quoque fallacy doesn't really add
much to the dicussion. Depreciating potentialy dangerous and definitely
obsolete protocols does not make you a hypocrite.

TLS 1.0 is genuinely hard to support at this point. Doing  so limits the
tooling you can use, It limits the CDNs that you can use. It forces you
to use obsolete codes bases.

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