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5G roadblock: labor

On 12/30/19 3:24 PM, Matthew Petach wrote:
> If we solve the issue of endpoint identity on a connection
> independent of the transport, so that your video stream
> of the game doesn't have to stop and restart every time
> you shift from one access point to the next, I could
> definitely see wi-Fi beating 5G.
> Otherwise, I think 5G will win, in terms of better
> user experience when non-stationary.

In theory, this is what "Hotspot 2.0" is designed to solve.  You 
authenticate to the ESSID using your mobile carrier credentials, and the 
resulting connection backhauls over an Internet tunnel to your carrier 
who can handle the hand-off/roaming transparently for you.

It also includes some provisions for settlement so that Wi-Fi operator 
can get a kickback from the mobile carrier for offloading their traffic. 
  I'm sure that will be lucrative for mom and pop coffee shops...

Of course, this is also what Mobile IP was intended to solve, and we all 
know how widely that's deployed.
Brandon Martin