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5G roadblock: labor

Verizon has already proven in 5 cities that you can run fiber to the node
and provide 1G fixed wireless service to both single and multi family
homes. This reduces the fiber cost and the headache of dealing with
landlords in MDU's.

Also, keep in mind that 10 years ago, you didn't know you would want or
need 25mbits to your phone, but I'd bet that now you'd have a hard time
living without it.

On Mon, Dec 30, 2019, 9:24 AM Matt Hoppes <mattlists at rivervalleyinternet.net>

> We saw this with Femtocells. Why build the network when the end user will
> build it with their broadband connection?
> With 5G - if I need fiber to the pole already and the pole has to be
> within. Few hundred feet of the end user, why not just deploy fiber to the
> home?
> Do I really need a gigabit per second on my mobile device?
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