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5G roadblock: labor

Ultimately this will come down to market demand.  

Having led two efforts in IEEE to develop a next speed of Ethernet - I have
heard the argument about needing the next speed of Ethernet.  Ultimately,
market demand showed that it was necessary and we had done the right thing
developing the next speed.

So given the cost of deployment - will the business case to deploy 5G
happen?  Had lots of conversations with people on this.  Would like to
better understand this as we start to look beyond 400GbE - as bandwidth
related to 5G is frequently brought up.

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We saw this with Femtocells. Why build the network when the end user will
build it with their broadband connection?

With 5G - if I need fiber to the pole already and the pole has to be within.
Few hundred feet of the end user, why not just deploy fiber to the home?
Do I really need a gigabit per second on my mobile device?