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Iran cuts 95% of Internet traffic

And this is why, despite all the disdainful remarks labeling such
things as "antiquated", mailing lists and Usenet newsgroups are vastly
superior to web sites/message boards/et.al. when it comes to facilitating
many-to-many communications between people.  Why?  Well, there are many
reasons, but one of the applicable ones in this use case is that their
queues can be written to media, physically transported in/out, and then
injected either into an internal or external network seamlessly modulo the
time delay.  And because the computing resources required to handle this
are in any laptop or desktop made in the last decade, probably earlier.

If you're trying to get information in/out of a society that is raising
network barriers to realtime communication, then you need methods that
don't rely on a network and aren't realtime.