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Open Petition for ARIN-prop-266: BGP Hijacking is an ARIN Policy Violation

A policy proposal typically is not perfect when submitted.

However, not having the discussion, doesn't allow to improve it and maybe then, reach consensus.

It may happen that the end of the discussion is, instead of a group of experts, we need something different, or may be a compensation for them  is needed,  or instead of a complex policy we need a simple one, in the line of:
"The resources are allocated for the exclusive use of the recipient. Consequently, other members can't use them (unless authorized by the legitimate resource-holder) and not following this rule is a policy violation".

El 27/4/19 0:08, "Jon Lewis" <jlewis at lewis.org> escribió:

    On Fri, 26 Apr 2019, JORDI PALET MARTINEZ wrote:
    > The intent is to clearly state that this is a violation of the policies.
    > The membership documents/bylaws or the RSA, your account may be closed. 
    > I looked at it when adapting the policy from RIPE to ARIN, don't have 
    > this information right in my mind, but I'm sure it was there.
    > Otherwise, if needed another policy should state something like "if you 
    > keep violating policies" this and that may happen. This should be 
    > something generic for *any* policy violation not in general. We have 
    > this in RIPE and LACNIC, and I'm also convinced that in APNIC and 
    > AFRINIC (still working on those versions).
    Not swip'ing your IPs is also a violation of the agreement, but until you 
    go back to ARIN for more IPs (opps, they're out), that's not an issue.  I 
    see this policy as pointless as written because it doesn't say that ARIN 
    will take any action other than publishing an opinion.  I think you're 
    also assuming there's a pool of experts standing by willing to investigate 
    every alleged hijacking (for free?).  Maybe there are.  If there aren't, 
    or once they get tired of investigating allegations, what then?
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