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My .sig (Was Re: Packetstream - how does this not violate just about every provider's ToS?)

Apparently, after many, many years of using essentially the same .sig here, it is now an issue of contention.  (Well, 3 people probably does not contention make, but still...).

However, as one person decided I was trying to market myself, let me address why I have all of that info in there:

Primarily I leave in all of my background because people (at least those here in the states) tend to a) assume that attorneys are all just "corporate suits" with no understanding of or experience with deep Internet issues, and b) attorneys are generally disliked. ;-)  Over the years I've found that it's best to include my chops right up front, so folks can be reassured that I'm not only on the right (white hat) side of things, but that I actually do know what I'm talking about.

I can tell you absolutely that the pushback I get from people in our industries who *don't* know my background, when I provide information based on that background and my expertise, is far greater, and bordering at times on abusive (come to think of it, not unlike some of the pushback I got when I first arrived at MAPS, from a certain volunteer  ;-)).

I'm open to suggestions (other than the suggestion to sod off).


[This .sig space open to suggestions.]