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Purchasing IPv4 space - due diligence homework

On Wed, 03 Apr 2019 15:20:17 -0000, "Torres, Matt via NANOG" said:

>   3.  Check SORBS blacklisting. It should not show up except maybe the DUHL list(?). If it does, walk away.

SORBS isn't the only place to check. As an example, if Spamhaus doesn't have
nice things to say about the block, it's time to start asking questions....

http://www.anti-abuse.org/multi-rbl-check/ has a fairly good list of
places that could give your customer a bad time (whether or not the
listing is deserved - the point is that being listed anywhere there will
probably mean problems that have to be cleaned up)

You may all now begin the religious war over where else to check.