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Purchasing IPv4 space - due diligence homework

On Wed, Apr 3, 2019 at 10:34 AM John Alcock <john at alcock.org> wrote:

> Well,
> I did all three above and still had issues.  I am still having issues.  I
> had to contact many people to get off of various blacklists, etc.  These
> are lists that are not publish and you will not know until you start using
> the space.
> Here is the thing.  You will have problems.  Just be prepared to make lots
> of phone calls and send lots of emails.  Once you get to the right person,
> things can get a moving.
> John

My experience has been quite different and quite a bit better.  One of the
things I paid attention to was whom the previous owner of the block was,
what sort of company they were, and hence what their likely use case was.
I have purchased/deployed a few /23s so far and have yet to run into any
issues with blacklists.  Some of the space I've purchased came from a
small-town ISP which was acquired, and some came from newly-defunct
retail-sector organizations.  I stayed away from anything that had been
associated with any sort of hosting, or that seemed to have been leased out
in the past, etc.  You can often check historical routing tables to see if
more than one AS has announced the space in the past X number of years to
identify blocks that have been leased around, and that's one other
component you might want to consider looking at.  But ultimately I think my
best tactic has been to just check out the organization I'm acquiring it
from and make sure they've owned it since the beginning via ARIN records.
Dealing with a reputable broker is probably a good start, too.  I've had no
issues working with Hilco.

Good luck!
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