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ARIN RPKI TAL deployment issues

On 26 Sep 2018, at 5:18 PM, Mark Milhollan <mlm at pixelgate.net> wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Sep 2018, Job Snijders wrote:
>> We really need to bring it back down to "apt install rpki-cache-validator"
> You say this as if no packager has a way to display and perhaps require 
> approval of the license nor any way to fetch something remote as part of 
> the installation process, e.g., the Microsoft "freely" supplied TTF 
> files â?¦
> ...
> I bet apt, dnf, pacman, pkg_add, yum, etc., do as well -- actually I 
> know some of those do.  Perhaps fetching as part of installing is less 
> desireable than already present at the outset, but it might appease ARIN 
> and be workable (or superior) for many.

Mark - 

Agreed: operationally it should be relatively straightforward with most installation tools, but ARIN could help significantly be making it clear this sort of approach is acceptable with its service terms and detailing any specific requirements (as none of that is clear at present.) 

Iâ??m working on this issue now, and should be able to report back shortly regarding specifics necessary to allow easier access to the ARIN TAL during package installation. 


John Curran
President and CEO