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Console Servers

> On Sep 19, 2018, at 01:50 , Saku Ytti <saku at ytti.fi> wrote:
> Hey,
>> In some DCs I've done mutual OOB swaps with other telcos in the same
>> suite, this is usually cheap or free (excluding the one time xconnect
> We consciously decided to not ask or accept OOB swaps, because of fear
> that they might be provisioned outside processes which might make it
> impossible to repair them through normal commercial processes, which
> would potentially cost lot of downtime and NOC's resources.
>> Sometimes the DC provider has an OOB connectivity service that uses
>> separate transit providers than we use and this often cheap too. Again
>> this is often bespoke per DC/colo provider though.
> MRC quotes I have 400USD Equinix, 288USD Terramark, 300USD Coresite.
> Compared to PSTN which we see at 90-150USD. This makes me less
> inclined to focus on HW CAPEX and optimise for HW/SW that tooling and
> people already support.

Your PSTN figure doesnâ??t include the cost of the XC to bring that POTS line
into your suite/cage/cabinet.

Once you add that in, It looks to me like you probably exceeded the OOB service
price in each of the cases quoted above.

>> The most scalable solution I've been involved in so far is VDSL. Here
>> in the UK lots of DCs are on-net for the national incumbent VDSL
> I think WAN indeed is very market situational, and if you need to
> support world, it is beneficial to have solution which supports many
> WAN options, without needing external boxes and external power bricks.
> We try to do just ethernet, but even that is already being provided as
> copper, fibre and in one market with PPPoE, all which are non-issues
> by going with Cisco. I do wish I had second option, I do wish JNPR SRX
> would support async serial ports.

https://opengear.com/products/cm7100-console-server <https://opengear.com/products/cm7100-console-server>

Has SFP network ports.


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