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Console Servers

I have been deploying Cyclades TS3000 boxes that I can sometimes find
for about $75 each on eBay.  The down side is the firmware is a bit old
so the SSH daemon doesn't really support current ciphers.  The other
downside is the CLI ia a bit cumbersome.


On 9/18/18 8:43 AM, Andrew Latham wrote:
> Alan
> There are maybe too many options out there. The used Cyclades are the
> lowest cost entry point. An ideal solution might
> be https://freetserv.github.io/ but some assembly required. I have
> Lantronix OOB solutions in my lab. Most modern servers come with some
> SOL options so I will assume this is for networking equipment. The
> modern HTML5 interfaces are great and really do drop all the legacy Java
> requirements.
> On Tue, Sep 18, 2018 at 8:38 AM Alan Hannan <alan at routingloop.com
> <mailto:alan at routingloop.com>> wrote:
>     I'd like your input on suggestions for an alternate serial port manager.
>     Long ago I used Cisco 2511/2611 and was fairly happy.  A little
>     later I used portmaster and was less so.  Recently I've been using
>     Opengear and they work fairly well but the price is fairly high.   I
>     use the CM7100 and IM7100.
>     General specs I'm looking for are:
>      * 8 to 48 or more rs232 serial ports on rj45
>      * nice-to-have software selectable pinouts (cisco v. straight)
>      * gig-e ethernet port (100mbps ok)
>      * 1U form factor
>      * redundant AC power
>      * access physical serial connections via local port #
>      * access physical serial connections via local IP alias (nice to have)
>     Can you recommend a serial port server/concentrator that I could use
>     in place of opengear for a better value and/or lower cost?
>     I'm just ignorant about the current market for serial port
>     concentrators and so far web searches have not revealed ideas, so
>     your input is appreciated!
>     Thanks!
>     -alan
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> - Andrew "lathama" Latham -