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OpenDNS CGNAT Issues

On 2018-09-12 19:40, Lee Howard wrote:
> On 09/11/2018 09:31 AM, Matt Hoppes wrote:
>> So don't CGNat?  Buy IPv4 addresses at auction?
> Buy IPv4 addresses until CGN is cheaper. If a customer has to call,
> and you have to assign an IPv4 address, you have to recover the cost
> of that call and address.
> While ((CostOfCall + CostOfAddress)*NumberOfCalls) >
> (CostOfAddress*NumberOfNewCustomers):
>      BuyAddresses(NumberOfNewCustomers)
> Meanwhile, deploy IPv6, and move toward IPv4aaS, probably 464xlat or
> MAP, but your religion may vary. That way your "CGN" is an IPv6-IPv4
> translator, and that's easier than managing dual-stack.
> At the very least, dual-stack your web sites now, so the rest of us
> can get to it without translation.

Just regarding ipv4 issue solution, this process can be somehow 
automated by detecting those who use opendns(by netflow, for example), 
to avoid "CostOfCall" part.
Also, to avoid false claiming of nat pool, he can nat DNS requests for 
OpenDNS to different ip pool, that cannot be claimed.