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Juniper MX - Routed pseudowire using LDP - VPWS or VPLS

I want to thank everyone who contacted me on and off list on this request.
I now have two methods to land a layer 3 endpoint on a layer 2 circuit to a
remote PE.  I very much appreciate the input, feedback, and assistance.  I
hope I personally get to meet all of you that reached out to me at a future
NANOG meeting.  Thanks again!


On Sat, Mar 17, 2018 at 9:25 AM, Ben Bartsch <uwcableguy at gmail.com> wrote:

> When we had Cisco ASR 920/903 and  ASR9k, I could attach a layer 2
> pseudowire endpoint on that device to a layer 3 BDI/BVI.  I'm trying to do
> the same thing on a Juniper MX 480/960 and it does not appear to be
> supported (for LDP at least - MP-BGP might be supported).  We could do
> either VPWS or VPLS on the PE device handoff to the CE (layer 2 only).
> JTAC has somewhat confirmed this is not supported for LDP, but they only do
> break/fix, not new config.  We do not have professional services (we are
> broke).
> Any Juniper routerheads out there that have seen this done using LDP
> without having to hairpin on the MX?
> Thanks, y'all.
> -ben