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Juniper MX - Routed pseudowire using LDP - VPWS or VPLS

When we had Cisco ASR 920/903 and  ASR9k, I could attach a layer 2
pseudowire endpoint on that device to a layer 3 BDI/BVI.  I'm trying to do
the same thing on a Juniper MX 480/960 and it does not appear to be
supported (for LDP at least - MP-BGP might be supported).  We could do
either VPWS or VPLS on the PE device handoff to the CE (layer 2 only).
JTAC has somewhat confirmed this is not supported for LDP, but they only do
break/fix, not new config.  We do not have professional services (we are

Any Juniper routerheads out there that have seen this done using LDP
without having to hairpin on the MX?

Thanks, y'all.