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at&t business ipv6

On 06/21/2018 12:07 PM, Nick Hilliard wrote:
> Randy Bush wrote on 21/06/2018 16:35:
> Static addresses don't fit into this paradigm because you if you 
> configure your static customers from a single broadcast domain, then 
> they are glued to a particular CMTS and can't be moved from that CMTS 
> unless you renumber them.

Completely agree with all you've said here about how DOCSIS works. 
Several cable operators (at least) are working to make it so that DHCPv6 
assigns business customers  the same IPv6 prefix every time. Yes, it's 
DHCPv6 instead of static configuration, but I think it works.

Additional question, though:
Randy said "at&t business 1g fiber going into an Arris"
As fiber, it'll be PON. If it were a traditional cable company, I'd 
guess DPOE (DOCSIS Provisioning Over Ethernet).
Except it's AT&T, and I don't know if they're provisioning DOCSIS over 
their fiber; I would think it's GPON, using the same infrastructure as 
their U-Verse product (fiber to the curb, DSL to the home). That used to 
be PPPoE and not DHCP, but my information may be out of date.