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at&t business ipv6

On 6/21/18 09:59, McBride, Mack wrote:
> I will speak more generally as I don't have insight into that provider.
> Last mile providers are working on ipv6 everywhere because ipv4 is expensive and so is CGN and MAP-T.
> IPv6 can reduce the need for ipv4 addresses and translation technology.
> In all likelihood the device your office is connected to is not yet ipv6 enabled but there is a date somewhere on a calendar belonging to an engineering group or two.
> The sales rep probably doesn't have a clue what that date is which is why he isn't giving you information.
> He simply doesn't have it.  Nor is an engineering group likely to give it to sales until it is a planned maintenance.
> Engineers don't like promising things they can't deliver.
> Sales likes promising the moon if they know there is cheese available at some point in the future.

The only thing that's worked for me is refusing to sign agreements or 
following through on cancellations unless it's delivered, not promised.