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IPv6 faster/better proof? was Re: Need /24 (arin) asap

On 22/Jun/18 15:05, JORDI PALET MARTINEZ via NANOG wrote:

> Iâ??m not really sure â??you get what you pay forâ?? â?¦ compare with OpenWRT â?¦ you have frequent updates, even in days when some important security flaw is discovered, as it happened a few months ago with WiFi. You can even develop yourself what you want or pay folks to do it for you.

No one disputes that, but there is a reason why operators are paying for
MikroTik instead of taking a white box and flashing it with free code
from any number of sources.

They could either spend time developing free code on white boxes to a
level where it does everything they want, or they could decide for what
MikroTik offers for an integrated solution (hardware + software), the
time and effort are outweighed by the cost, as a function of traditional
alternatives such as Cisco, Juniper, Nokia, Brocade, e.t.c.

Joe Average has neither the experience nor the inclination to flash
whatever box he has with OpenWRT. You and I do (well, I've grown lazy,
so...). Copy & paste for FTTH service providers dealing with thousands
or millions of customers who want to pay nothing for 1Gbps to their
house, and you quickly see why this is not an easy problem to solve.

Pity that vCPE's don't seem to be picking up as they were once touted
to... that would have been an easy truck-roll for IPv6 to everyone that
guaranteed it would work, always!