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IPv6 faster/better proof? was Re: Need /24 (arin) asap

On 22/Jun/18 12:47, JORDI PALET MARTINEZ wrote:

> Yeah I can confirm, as I tested it several times, 6to4 for them is
> proto41, but it is very confusing and against standards nomenclature â?¦
> This donâ??t say anything good from a vendor, in my opinion!

Even those networks I know running MikroTik for revenue generation don't
run around saying they think they are working with the best vendor :-).

But the truth is in the numbers - I'm to find another vendor in my parts
that sells more gear without presence in any country on the continent.

> They basically run a Linux â?¦ and you have OpenWRT sources with all
> what they need to implement 4in6 transition mechanisms, so no excuses!
> I must say also that no excuses for other CPE vendors, of course, but
> others at least have DS-Lite or even lw4o6. Very few offer 464XLAT
> (CLAT part is what the CPE needs) or MAP-T/E. Hopefully this will
> change soon.

On the plus side, MikroTik regularly push out updates for their devices,
unlike traditional home CPE whose updates tend to disappear one year
after you buy and install them, leaving the only option to update
software being a hardware swap-out.

Can MikroTik do more, certainly. But this is clearly a case of "you get
what you pay for".

On the other hand, Cisco have (yet again) delayed ORR until 2019/2020,
if at all. Juniper have screwed up their EX switch CLI with this ELS
monstrosity, a problem they hope to correct in 2019/2020, if at all. And
I'm paying through eyes for those puppies...