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Impacts of Encryption Everywhere (any solution?)

On Tue, 19 Jun 2018 11:33:50 -0400, William Herrin said:

> The innovation I'd like to see is a multi-level streaming cache.
> Here's the basic idea:
> Define a network protocol such as "mlcache"
> mlcache://data.netflix.com/starwars/chunk12345 is a chunk of some
> video that netflix has. It's encrypted. The client got the decryption
> key for that chunk and instructions on how to load the chunks in what
> order in an authenticated http connection.
> The client does not connect to data.netflix.com. Instead, it probes an
> anycast IP address to find the nearest cache. If there is no cache,
> then it falls back on contacting data.netflix.com directly.
> If the cache probe returned a unicast IP address for a nearby cache
> then the client asks the cache to retrieve that chunk instead. If lots
> of folks using the cache are watching that particular video, the cache
> can supply the chunk without asking netflix for it again.
> If the cache doesn't have the chunk, it contacts the next cache
> upstream. If there is no next cache upstream, it contacts
> data.netflix.com directly.

Congrats, you just re-invented BitTorrent. :)
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