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Time to add 2002::/16 to bogon filters?

On 6/18/18 6:18 PM, Jared Mauch wrote:
> I donâ??t believe most providers are intending to offer 6to4 as a global service.  Even the large providers (eg: Comcast) seem to have disabled it ~4+ years ago.  While I know thereâ??s people on the internet that like to hang on to legacy things, this is one that should end.  The networks and devices today no longer require this sort of transition technology, and the networks where itâ??s left wonâ??t want it as it will be used for various bad things(tm).
At some point it transitions from being a legacy transition tool which
you really shouldn't be using to being an attractive nuisance, or worse
genuinely dangerous either for the sender or the receiver. personally I
think we've crossed that point and we have a responsibility to insure
proper burial.
> - Jared