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Time to add 2002::/16 to bogon filters?

I personally would love to see social pressure applied removing this
from the internet.

certain prominent google search results. e.g.
https://getipv6.info/display/IPv6/Linux+or+BSD+6to4+Relays probably also
could use some curation given the appropriateness of reling on a anycast
translator for your transition at this point.

On 6/18/18 2:08 PM, Job Snijders wrote:
> Dear all,
> TL;DR: Perhaps it is time to add 2002::/16 to our EBGP bogon filters?
> It is kind of strange that in the default-free zone (where we donâ??t
> announce defaults to each other) - we will propagate what is effectively an
> IPv4 default-route, in the IPv6 DFZ.
> IETF has politely abandoned the prefix:
> https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7526
> Wes George highlighted operational problems from accepting 2002::/16 on the
> data-plane slide 6:
> http://iepg.org/2018-03-18-ietf101/wes.pdf
> Is there still really any legit reason left to accept, or propagate,
> 2002::/16 on EBGP sessions in the DFZ?
> Kind regards,
> Job